Our mission

We redefine the insurance industry

signals is the innovation hub of the SIGNAL IDUNA Group, one of Germany’s leading insurers. We provide the platform to develop new business ideas, assess the impact of new technologies on the insurance industry, and partner with startups. For us, progress and consistency go hand in hand. We see ourselves as a catalyst. We have to break new ground to create something that has yet to be there. Courageous and full of drive, we want to work with you to redefine the status quo!

What we do

How to work with us

Exploring future technologies, we analyze and evaluate their impact on the insurance industry and our society.

At the forefront of innovation

To find answers to the questions of tomorrow, we need different perspectives. That is why we are always interested in networking with tech- and industry experts, futurologists or universities. Collaborating could include exchanges, research, joint projects, events, or white papers.

GenAI and Web3

Generative AI’s potential in the insurance industry is massive. No other topic illustrates exponential growth and technological progress more. With all regulatory and social requirements in mind, it is now time to find answers for a profitable and ethically justifiable use → we’re on it; feel free to help us!

What’s the potential of the metaverse, and how did it change during the last few years? Is it a market worth billions or just hype? These are only some of the questions we have been diving deeper into when looking at the web3 space.

Whether it's a standard insurance for your company or employees, embedding insurance in your product, or the joint development of new business models – we’ve got you covered.

We are your safety net

Founding your own business is exciting and fun but it also comes with stress, uncertainty, and hurdles to overcome. Proper insurance coverage is vital in mitigating potential risks – let us be your security guard.

Together, we create new business solutions

Insurance can be integrated into many value chains - resulting in even better services for your customers. Let's explore together what new business models we can build.

Case Study: Vay Technology GmbH

Vay is the first company to teledrive cars on public roads without a person inside, in Europe and the US. Not only did signals Venture capital invest in the firm, SIGNAL IDUNA also insures the teledriven cars in Germany.

Using our Venture Client approach, we are looking for solutions in enterprise architecture, data analytics, and value-added services to offer our customers the best possible experience.


With roughly 10,000 employees, more than 100 years of experience, and + € 6 billion of premium revenue from more than 12 million customers, SIGNAL IDUNA is one of the largest insurance companies in Germany. Its product portfolio ranges from health, life, and property to liability insurance. By integrating new technologies and solutions, SIGNAL IDUNA generates growth and aims to offer the best service to its customers. In doing so, the group relies on its own innovations and collaboration with strong digital partners on the market.

What startups are we looking for?

Positive news: We're a large corporation with many chances to become our supplier. To mention two: We always strive to boost the efficiency of our processes and align them closely with our business goals. Hence, enterprise architecture solutions are always of interest. In times of GenAI, a good database becomes even more crucial. That's why we seek data preparation, processing, and evaluation solutions.

Are you looking for an investor for your business idea? We are happy to put you in touch with the team at signals VC, the venture capital arm that’s part of our ecosystem.

You’re interested in working with us, we look forward to talking to you.

Get in touch

Please let us know what you want to insure or, if you already know, what products you are interested in. Please share some first ideas if you would like to work with us on a joint business model.

In the case of suppliers, the past has shown that cooperations are particularly successful when startups are enterprise ready. Hence, please share a sales deck, which should contain the following information:

a. How does your product/service work?
b. For how long has it been on the market?
c. What problem could SIGNAL IDUNA solve with it? What’s in it for us?
d. To what extent have you already been able to test your product on the market? (references)
e. Team setup

Please let us know:

a. Who you are and how many seats you are interested in.
b. From when you want to rent a seat/the seats.
c. What value you are looking to get out and bring into the Open Studios community

Please give us some information about your reason to contact us.

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